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43 year old goldfishmartha washington geranium winter care

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They seemed to have already gone into a dormant state but recently started putting out new growth. It’s nice to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the saame old Yea! I now will have to hang my new little plants in my living room by my E-SE bay window~by my large (6′ long) spider plant and a philodendron. Have told many about it. (They loved their indoor setting with light from the east, south, and west and grew profusely.) Growing up, I always remember plants all around the home, outside. I hung my spider plant on a limb of the dogwood and it did exceptionally well too and has lots of new babies. Why are the leaves drooping? If centering seems impossible,  just cut away more roots and soil to create a rounded shape. They are so wonderful and will look better and grow better for the pruning. I don’t think I would have been this ventuorous on Pictured above is my rose-scented ‘Lady Plymouth.’  You can crush the leaves of this variety, and add them to your bath water. Beautiful gardens along the house and separating one part of the yard from another. Hi Bev Grosse – My plants seem to do better when I feed them with every watering. I wonder if you use phosporus in a plant if it can be present in the pollen and hurt pollinators like bees. Hi Mary Elia – You are indeed correct. I’ve overwintered them semi-successfully in their pots for years, but this year tried advice of a friend by taking them out of pots & bagging them. Every winter I just bring them inside, put them insouth facing windows, and water once a month. Two surprises were a Solomon's Seal hosta that I had given up for dead, it sprung back to life. Thank you! MGABC does not endorse nor is it responsible for any content provided on third-party websites. Sorry for the gray cloud. Your winter window is an eye-popper and must give you great pleasure in the cold months. Thank you for this post. Then, I take them with me to southern Arizona and they spend the fall and spring there on my patin. Hi Venkat — I can’t say for sure, but your winter temperatures are probably not cold enough for these alliums. If your plants get a little leggy over the winter, go ahead and take more cuttings and pot them up too. I have successfully grown many plants by cuttings from these four. Thanks so much for all these great tips and explanations! Good morning , Kevin….I got my 2 shelves cut for my south facing computer room window last week….now i think I will have to go back and get more cut some for the east facing living room for the added geraniums….one can never have enough flowers blooming in the house over the winter….and, of course, that gives us plants ready to go for the next spring………..thank you so much… this project…can hardly wait to see how it turns out! I have these in pots in an east window and water them once per week. This is the first year I haven’t killed mine. I’ll have to pin more of your helpful tips :o). Their plants are said to be suprrisingly large and well-established, sometimes blooming when they arrive. Once in a while the bottom leaves turn yellow and i cut it off. I used your method last year, and not only were the geraniums absolutely gorgeous indoors all winter and spring, but they are beautiful in the garden this summer, too. Recommendation for those doing the same with petunias: soak the new potting soil so it is good and wet, and keep watering it well for the first 2 weeks while the plant snips adjust to being on their own and not part of a big plant. After we eat squash or pumpkin, I throw the seeds all over our yard, ala Johnny Appleseed. The leaf is not in good shape, but when I gently pull on it, it seems to be stuck well in the soil, as if it has roots. I cut several holes in the bag to prevent stagnant air. Or “thumb,” if you are holding a camera while you work. Have a wonderful week. You are awesome, Tried your super-easy, mega-delicious Blueberry Peach Cobbler last week with great success (thanks). Whether it's a tried-and-true 1940s BH&G cookie recipe or a unique twist on sugar cookies, our Test Kitchen's compiled a lot of favorite cookie recipes over the years. i found the one i have on a sidewalk just was a 4inch broken limb i thought it was some kind of succulent ground cover plant and took it, then found out its a geranium. Thank you, Kevin. I love the stuff you send out. Thanks for your blog, I do enjoy reading it. In spring, when new growth appears, cut back the old growth to just above the new shoots. Pictured above: Zonal, scented-leaved, and fancy-leaved geraniums in my Library/Den window in February, 2008. I have a favorite, but tired-looking geranium that will likely benefit from Oh they were ok but very slow to get started in the spring/early summer out doors. You described it exactly as I remembered it. Thanks, Kevin, for reposting this valuable article. I had some beautiful dark pink geraniums that ended up on the compost pile this year. Awesome! A Walk in the Early-August Garden, BY Kevin Lee Jacobs | August 13, 2013 137 Comments. You will know that your cuttings have rooted when new growth becomes evident. or hints? Any way to encourage more blooms? Then let me show you how, exactly, to prepare these popular summer plants for winter-beauty indoors. Everything is just lovely and so beautifully done. Just love it! I was also wondering, do you pinch the cuttings back as they grow to keep them bushy, or is this not necessary? I like reviving some of the simple, economical practices of youre. You get WAY more lumens of light for much less electricity. I’ll share a tip I read in Mother Earth news: if you do not have chards/gravel for the drainage hole on your pots, used coffee filters work well and can be dumped on the compost pile ( I use non bleached filters). You have definitely been the role model for Delicious Living. Kevin, if you are still reading this thread, is it too soon to be taking cuttings from a scented geranium in early Feb? The last couple of years I’ve been sticking my hardwood cuttings at the end of winter/early spring. The firm said yes in could take a piece. This month I will cut them back and take cuttings, and then I will fertilize. I will use your method to keep my beauties alive and healthy; do you think they would do well in my greenhouse instead of inside the house? Have enjoyed your website for several years. Thanks for the great info. Happy Valentine’s! Southborough has a population density of 276 people per square mile. Hi Dear, are you genuinely visiting this website regularly, Thanks for all your information. In April I start to water the geraniums twice a month, and if possible bring them to a brighter location. Any suggestions on evening that out, or is that just the natural cycle? It is white but really doesn’t look like a geranium. I always wondered! We heat our home with electric heat and a wood stove. Provide moisture only when the top inch of soil looks and feels dry (stick your finger in the soil to be sure). If I cut them back do I necessairly need to cut the roots? Oh, my question is, at what point do you bring them indoors for the winter? Well, I guess I could put the pictures on my website – if I can figure out how to do that! I love your website. Thank you for this well-timed post with such great directions. X Research source A pot bigger than 15 US gal (57 L) will be really hard to move around. Both genera belong to the family Geraniaceae. I harden all my geraniums slowly, and by mid-May I put them in pots, using good potting soil, or in the ground in a sunny location. Gardening is a funny thing, isn’t it? Plants delivered to your door with easy care instructions. First of all I want to say wonderful blog! The old ones get leggy and don’t produce many blooms, still I take them indoors in winter, and keep them in a sunny window. I appreciate this clear tutorial and will follow this method come August. Thanks so much for the steps by step propagation method for geraniums, Kevin. You’ve given me a few new tips. I so love this blog. Join over 250 Gardeners Already Registered! I was inspired by this post in A Garden For The House showing how to rejuvenate geraniums to bloom in the winter. After I’ve sliced, diced and repotted my Gerries, how do I know when they’re making new roots without removing them from the pot? I guess that’s it. We haven’t had a hard freeze yet, and it doesn’t look like we will for at least a full week. During the “winter” months in Arizona, they are either covered well on the patio or join me in the kitchen. I have always wanted to winter over my geraniums and this year I have a very special one that my Mother loved on. Hopefully they will survive the surgery and I can propogate new ones. Q. Eucalyptus Leaves Changing Shape - The new leaves on my Dalrympleana mountain gum eucalyptus tree, which was planted this spring, have grown pear shaped and… Q. Eucalyptus Tree - I have a eucalyptus tree that is two years old and it is planted outside. Maria – Good news for you. Wrentham has a population density of 206 people per square mile. I allow them to go semi-dormant by keeping them in a cool place (not dark) and allowing them to become dry. I’m going to re-pot those suckers today! Here, it recently attracted a hummingbird moth. You are genius. What do you use to fertilize your geraniums, Kevin? But not enough that will drain off and run into the ocean. I trim them well and remove any obviously dead shoots. The window garden subjects are fed at the rate of one 1/4 teaspoon formula per gallon of water. Hi, Mr. Kevin! Sounds like good advice for geraniums. Geranium is also the botanical name and common name of a separate genus of related plants, also known as cranesbills. I think she would have adored you. As for geranium and other cuttings, you’ll know they have rooted when new leaves appear on the stems. I have overwintered my geraniums Then repot in fresh mixture. If winterizing strawberry plants in mild winters, they will often live without any mulch or special winter care in Zones 7 and higher (8, 9). I’m looking for a double-flowered white. I lived in Ireland for 2 years and these sun rooms had loads of vines etc. I am excited about reading more on your site. It’s already beginning the second week of September here in NH and the nights are cool, but I’m still going to try my hand at cutting back my geranium and rooting the cuttings. Is this really when I should chop it up? This past spring we used your technique for preventing weeds in our front garden bed. One of the oldest and most common varieties, Asparagus Mary Washington (Asparagus officinalis) is fast growing and extremely hardy. Thank you, thank you! In 2002 my Mom visited us in Colorado and brought me a pink geranium from Ohio. I dip the cuttings in hormone rooting powder and pot them in a light potting or starting soil, and pat them in firmly. good job. Again, I tidy up the dead or dying leaves and do not allow them to flower. All my little geraniums are lined up on my dining room windowsill, and doing well. No east or south window for you? I have put you on my desktop, so I can read more of you. I stumbled upon your website while searching for window garden information. Btw…my nursery on Cape Cod practically gives the scented geraniums away in late fall…I have several. And by the way, you can use these same restoring and propagating procedures for scented leaved geraniums. After experimenting with geraniums, brought in for overwintering, which thrived and bloomed all winter, I thought why not. It had blooms all winter and in late March, it was nice enough to move it to the outdooors. Thank you again, As always, your words are the sunshine of my life. Today, I am going to do it. I took them all off the plants and put them in water…..and they rooted and grew into the most beautiful hugh geranium !! Thanks Kevin. Remove the lower 2 inches of leaves from each stem. Do you think it will grow once it warms up and the sun is out more? I’m assuming your process works the same as if they have been in pots. The total population of Southborough consists of 10,021 people. Hello from Washington State, Finally, I found someone who knows what to do with my spindly, leggy, woody plants that I can never bear to throw on the compost pile! Kevin, should I add the phosphorous every time I water? I love your page Kevin! They will bloom all winter if kept in a sunny window. Thanks for your prompt reply. This will help the plants get bushier and give you even more plants. But I have just ONE teeny tiny question. Sadly, these are becoming rare lately, so propagating them is the only way to guarantee that you will have them from year to year. I have over-wintered geraniums with great success. I’m very I have attempted to root geraniums and always fail. I’ve recently become a huge fan of heirloom geranium varieties such as apple blossom rosebud, Mrs. Henry Cox, Wm Languth, etc. We ship indoor plants and potted houseplants nationwide. Some of the plants are sending up buds to bloom already. Thanks. (Seattle.) Widely available Chinese hibiscus and Confederate rose, a hand-me-down treasure, cannot tolerate freezing temperatures. If I remember correctly it depletes oxygen. Thanks, and Happy Holidays! Pansies and Violas are easy-care flowers that thrive in cool weather and add a bright spot to garden beds and container plantings. I do have a few of them but they are small, like maybe a 1 c. size. I have abused this tool at length and it still does the job. Had no idea I could have them blooming in the house in winter. I was so happy to read your clear, precise instructions with those fantastic pictures, I broke into my happy dance! The only difference with the petunias vs. the geraniums is that I kept the geraniums outside and brought the tunies inside. Water is sparingly applied only once a month from November through to March and the dead or dying leaves are tidied up. I do not have a big window garden like yous . I hung it up on a shepherd’s hook at the back of the house where it gets morning and early afternoon Sun and is somewhat shaded at certain times of the day by a dogwood tree. rehashed information. I will be using your site again and again! (same plant by the way )… They really do make a “winter house ” smell good. (Don’t ask) Is it too late to plant them outside? Never realized you could scent milk for baking with scented geraniums!! Hi Veez – Blue plant on the left side of the broad sill is hydrangea. Kevin- I have been wanting to do this for 2 years! Leaving some growth intact will help them survive the winter. Perhaps you will let me know by leaving a comment. I really want to keep them going through the winter, a problem in the past, and it is always nice to have young plants coming on as well. Course the chickens don’t mind playing “rugby” with them. I’ve lost some of my geranium cuttings to rot in the past…now I know how to do this correctly. Cut these off. Online and in store plant care workshops also available in … When I had the big house with great windows I used to do this… Now I don’t have enough good windows for many indoor plants and I miss them . Beverly – I use that big serrated knife for all my “plant surgeries.” But I want the knife that you have. One last thought for you, I have many times rooted my geranium stems, in water, that works pretty good too. In fact I had the screened-in porch on my 113-year old home converted to a sunroom with extra-wide sills to house my geraniums, along with a 7′ tall umbrella plant, 5′ tall corn plant, blooming impatiens and begonias and assorted smaller green plants.. Enjoy your news letter. I have grown this geranium for a year with success in southern California. What am I doing wrong? Christine. Once the plants are growing, I encourage bloom with a high-phosphorous, low-nitrogen plant food. Is it too late to cut back the roots and reset the plant as you suggest? I never tried letting them get a callus but I will definitely try that this year. Then add fresh potting mixture to come approximately half-way up the sides of the pot. By April I gradually move them outdoors, but avoid direct sunlight. I try to water all my plants every Sunday. You’ll find my Holiday cactus tutorial in this post: November Brilliance: The “Thanksgiving Cactus”. Hi Susan – Here in (cold) zone 5-b, zonal geraniums are not hardy. Hope so! Thankyou. But how do I prepare my leggy geraniums for going back outside this spring? Love your blog, Kevin. How I Propagate Petunias for Winter-Bloom. The dome of plastic keeps extra moisture close to the foliage, without misting (which I perpetually forget to do). By the way it looks lovely andthe plants seem happy, what is that little blue plant on the bottom shelf? And we get to enjoy them all winter long as well Your blog is a highlight of my week. No sunshine here…. This knife had a secret compartment hidden in the handle, presumably to hold contraband of some sort. Continued Love Peace and Joy to You! You don’t have any reply’s to questions about overwintering geraniums posted for the past year. Well, each of these can become a new plant. is heavenly. Is it too late? They were moved to a new property in 2009, and have never bloomed here. Phosporus is not good for the ocean. because i think they would like to have a geranium flowering plant. I also have the glass water globes stuck in the soil, one or two per plant depending on its size. Hi Maria – I bring mine indoors at the end of September, and before frost. I got married this past July and had used geraniums that I had grown from seed for our table centrepieces. This is very helpful because my geraniums get too stringy in the window in the winter. Kevin, where have you been for the past year? Yes, cutting the old roots off is important. (I’m not a winter loving person. now, my next research topic was petunias… and I see a post there ready for me. All the things you teach and tell us about on your web-site are not always new ideas, but ones that have somehow fallen by the wayside in our hurly-burly, faster-faster culture. Since there are no lower leaves, how far back should I cut the plants and root balls?? Love your blogs and pictures.+. Hi Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Cool. I’m really hoping to expand my collection indoors. Thanks so much. Consequently I bring them indoors in mid-September. Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial, Kevin! You can also steep the leaves in full-fat milk, and then use the milk to make scented icing for cakes and cupcakes. I am having some success with the geraniums I cut back. The room stays at zone 7 or 8 so even if I am away dormancy is no problem nor need to water. Related Posts: I do not allow them to flower [this will zap their energy]. FEATURE — As you pack away the garden hose, tools and other supplies or transition to your winter garden, do not overlook those leftover seeds. Many thanks Kevin for the post on extending the season for pelargoniums. My only question is: once the geranium is cut back etc and re potted in August, do you keep the plants outside, or bring them inside.

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