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sorry for disturbing you messages for boyfriend

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Make haste to rescue me, my love. 74. I’m sorry for making you feel this pain. I love you, sweetheart.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'sweetlovemessages_com-sky-1','ezslot_36',129,'0','0'])); 80. I Am Sorry Messages for Boyfriend: Send & Ask Forgiveness. Let’s make haste to stop the pain cause our love waits on us. I’m lost for words and lost in loneliness. Let it please you to forgive me, for I am hungry and thirsty for you. Cause more than ever, I’m more willing to love you without blemish. I love you. Please, forgive me, my love for I do not want the repercussion of offending an angel of love. I wronged you. In your arms again is where I want to be. My apology to you means that I am repentant and still in love with you. To the one I cherish with all my heart, I hope that you will find somewhere in your heart to overlook the mistake I did towards you. I know it and you know it. The tragedy of Titanic shouldn’t be made to repeat itself. What words would comfort me in the time to come, if you do not speak kind words to me now? Once you have read the sample letter, you can review the following section-by-section guide. I’m sorry if I said something that made you mad. Please, don’t see me as a villain. Baby, I’m sorry for hurting you the way I did. I’m so sorry. I don’t want to wake up one morning and hear that you have a new lover. See me looking at your hands for a stretch of mercy and your eyes for hope. Oh, just the thought of the latter breaks my heart. We are at our best when we remain lovebirds till the end. You comforted me when others made me sad. I knew I did you wrong the moment I saw that sad look in your eyes. I won’t do it again. My heart beats with pains of regret. How can I give you up when it’s you I’ve ever wanted? My love, with all humility in me, I ask that you forgive me. My weak point is you, little wonder, I’m so broken at the moment. I am Sorry Messages for Boyfriend: Looking for ways to apologize to him? 63. Please, give me another chance again, not to hurt you, but to love you rightly. I’m so sorry, my honey. Wake your boyfriend up or send him a virtual goodnight kiss with these sweet texts, love quotes, and messages. I know romance isn’t enough to keep us going and I do believe the weaknesses we carry as humans can trouble our love. I’ll dream of us because I know our love is unbreakable, I’ll hope in the sacredness of our love to win us this battle. 25. Please, find it within you to forgive me. I’m so sorry for many things but profoundly sorry for breaking your heart. 113. Please understand how sorry I am for the mistakes I’ve made in our relationship. You’re my life, angel. I took you for granted and now I am paying the price for it. Wherever you are I hope forgiveness is what you’re thinking about to bestow on me. Please accept my apology. I am at a valley where I need to be lifted because it hurts too much to know that we are apart because of my misdeeds. I tried to keep this apology within myself but I can’t. I still want you in my world, I hope that you feel the same way until now. I want to see you styled in that garment again, this time for my sake. This I know, so I’m right here begging for your forgiveness. Sometimes life gets in the way of things, but our love always rocks. Please, let go of the anger in your heart. So, because you do not have to languish in the pain of separation and guilt, here are 100 Long Sorry Messages for your Boyfriend. 77. I’m tired of living in pain. I want you back, my angel of love! I am now restless dreaming about your return. Offence has snatched that privilege from us. I am not writing to justify my actions, I am not writing to earn your pity. 12. I desire for nothing else but your forgiveness and grace. Forgive me, my love, and make my dreams come true. You mean the world to me, so, how can I live without you? ♦ Emptiness and tears have been my only friends since you left. Forgive and forget, my love, Kindly, forgive me on all levels that I’ve wronged you. My darling, I’m so taken away in guilt and shattered by your anger towards me. I know you must be in the cold hands of hurt and pain. Thousands of men may come and go, but it’s you I hope to stay. I must be the world’s worst partner. My peace can only be found in your heart and my safety within your securing arms. I ask that you show me the way because it is dark and rocky without you. I hurt you, this I know. Have mercy upon me, my darling. Our separation and my offence against you. I’m sorry, my love. Forgive me for behaving so poorly. I’m sorry, sweety. Do forgive me, sweetheart, because I love you! In repentance, I write this to you and in love, I hope you ask for me. Category: Sorry texts for my boyfriend – “You know I love you very much, you are my reason for living. I hope this doesn’t change what we have because to me you’ll always be my love. Your forgiveness will mend my broken heart and my repentance will merge ours heart together. I found a love for me, but how do I keep it till eternity without the fruits of forgiveness and repentance? Do not let this be what is left of us. If I had known, I would have done better, howbeit, now that I do, I’m willing to do better. Please, say no to my hurt and yes to our serene reconciliation. I’m so sorry. I promise to love you back the way that you deserve and I promise to keep our love till forever. ♦ You were absolutely right, and I let my pride get in the way. I won’t let that happen. I’m sorry, my love. Whatever it takes to feel your embrace the way I did so many times before is what I will do if you’ll forgive me. I’m sorry for causing us this pain. Maybe now is the time to love you, like I have never loved before, now is the time to treat you better than the kings of the earth because you remain the one king of my heart. It hurts more than I can describe. As I hurt you, I slipped into your bad record. I’m sorry don’t let me go. I long to do these with you and so much more. I love you, my darling. This isn’t a dream though, I badly wish it was. Forgive me, my love. Kindly forgive me. Alas! I’m sorry, I feel all the pain in your heart. I only hope not to pay for this forever. Sorry, I don’t say it enough. Find the greatest strength in you to summon the courage to bring me back. There will be mountains we will have to climb and this is one of them. I promise to do better than I ever did. If there was a report for a flood around my area it’s ok, it was just me crying. Love is sweet, hurt is bitter. What would you have me say, so, you’d come back to me. 94. We had a silly argument I’ll admit was my fault. At the instance he reads any of these, certainly loves will happen once again between you two.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'sweetlovemessages_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',109,'0','0'])); The best collection of heart touching apology text messages for your boyfriend to make him forgive you quickly, seeing how remorseful you are. I flawed greatly. I have never felt so empty in a house full of memories. Sorry. I am terribly sorry that I let all of this anger and frustration out, and vented it onto you. I’m sorrier than a mother who lets her child down. Now all I see is hurt because you’re in pain. I love you, my darling. 78. Love may find anyone, but I hope it finds your heart and mine together once more and for a lifetime. I’m here standing in hurt and pain. I’ve thought about us and I’ve seen just how much you’ve loved me through it all, so, I hope this does not put an end to the love we’ve fought for all through this time. I love you with all of my heart, and I’m sincerely sorry for being so cold to you lately. I am sorry for making you leave. Not a day again without you. Do not abandon nor condemn me to my flaws. The only one that can make me feel good is you and forgiveness is the only thing that can make me feel better once again. How many times has my heart stopped beating because of you? I’m so sorry, my love. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you. Let your love save me from this sadness. 5. As time passes by, the more I languish in regret. Because I’ve realized how cold it is without you. Offending you have left me in the cold hands of danger. I love you, I love you, I love you! Long sorry messages for your boyfriend you hurt. It hurts to hurt you but I love to love you! I don’t know what came over me, but I know I’ve seen my wrong and all I want to say right now is “please, forgive me”. My emotions have been on a roller coaster, I am sandwiched between the many tears of hurting you and the great mountains of guilt. I’ll do better and act better than ever before. I apologize because I’m wrong and I deem it fit to let you know what you should know. I’ve learnt! It’s time you come back to me again. Please, forgive me, my love. 33. This is where we are. I hope you let my apology rescue this sinking ship. It doesn’t use to be so. You mean the world to me, everything I do is to make you feel loved. 51. Then these would do. I am so sorry for intruding on your privacy. I only hope for our progress and not our stagnancy nor backwardness. Life has been full of dust ever since I knew your anger towards me. 36. Do not let anger, hurt and pain blind you, my love. I’ll protect it like I would my most precious treasure because that is what you are to me. What an angel you are. I, therefore, take responsibilities for my actions. My love, I’m sorry I got you into this mess. What a beautiful love story we will make when all of this hurt and anger come to an end. I want to be with you. I’m sorry!eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-leader-2','ezslot_24',121,'0','0'])); 39. The girlfriend can send sorry and apology messages to the boyfriend to seek sorry for hurting him. Save me from thinking the worst of myself. How great you look when you put on the garment of compassion, you’ve become such a beauty to behold. I’m more than sorry. Saying i’m sorry doesn’t connote weakness, but refusing to say you are sorry when you are wrong shows you are very weak. Sweet Messages for My Boyfriend. Have mercy on me. I am only resurrected by the hope of hearing you speak to me once again. Let’s start over, please. Please, take a journey through our love and you’ll see that I only made a mistake. I’ve never hungered like I have for you these days. I have done many stupid things in my life, but breaking your heart truly is the pinnacle of my stupidity. #8: Thank you for being such a sport when you met my family. There’s a place I know filled with love and tranquillity. I’m so sorry. 3. I can never throw away your love, therefore, do not think about taking it away from me. 15. I want to stay with you forever. How am I to live happily without you? For as long as it takes to love till eternity. Dear, king of my heart. Can we start afresh? Well, fear no more, because we have prepared everything you need to convince him to forgive you. Only your forgiveness can make me feel whole again. You were right, but I was wrong, so, complete me, my love. I love you more than you can know, and I do believe that my parents will accept you once they realize how happy you make me. I seek forgiveness continuously so I can have you for the rest of my life and I choose repentance daily so I do not make the same mistakes twice. I love you, my darling and I wait for you. I’m sorry, my love. I desire you greatly, my love. Forgive me and let me feel your breath again. I’m sorry, my darling. I’m feeling every bit of regret within me. Won’t you give it to me? I’ve slumbered into the cold hands of guilt, but I ask that you pick me up with your right hand of forgiveness. 14. 47. I’m sorry if you’re experiencing some hurt at the moment. I love you, my darling. Below are messages you can send to your girlfriend to say how truly sorry you are and how you’ve regretted your actions. I don’t want to love from afar. You’ll always be the love of my life. Forgive me, my angel. Let’s cross this bad bridge together, though it is our first time, we can make it the last of its kind. I want to show you that I can do better. I’m sorry for all the hurt I caused you. No one can take your place, so, I pray you, desire me once again. 96. Is it too late to say I’m sorry? I sincerely hope this does not live a crack in the wall nor a hole in the heart. Please, forgive me sincerely. In the moments that we’ve been apart, I’ve loved more, dreamt more and I’ve hoped like never before. You are the reason why my world has those beautiful colors right now. Pls, forgive me! Don’t put an end to us but put an end to this misery between us. 59. Do not keep me waiting for too long.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'sweetlovemessages_com-portrait-2','ezslot_35',131,'0','0'])); 92. I love you, my darling. My words again, I wish can mend your broken heart. I’m willing to take all the blame, so we can have some serenity and display of affection between us once more. If you see me full of anxiety, the unknown is what is killing me. You’re the only angel that I know. I love you sincerely, can’t wait to hug you, my dearest. Forgive me, my love, for I am restless and miserable without you. Your email address will not be published. I do not want us to continue like this. So many times I’ve wished I hadn’t hurt you, but what are my wishes without your forgiveness? Pls, do not keep me waiting because truly I cannot survive a moment without you, for I am not fit without your love. Love is painful when the one you love is angry with you. 28. I need you, baby. Pls, forgive me, my darling. Not a moment without your love, it’s unbearable to be away from you. Please forgive me for what I’ve done. I believe our love can conquer all. I miss you, my love. Nobody, but you! Sorry. “ Category: Sorry texts for my boyfriend. 40. Have you fought with your boyfriend and looking for some messages to feel sorry. I’ve been down on my knees more than the praying kneels. I am sorry messages for girlfriend. I am sorry. If so, you can have some idea from this article in order to apologize. I have wronged you, who can forgive me? My heart is in pieces because you are far away from me. I do not need any comfort but a welcome back into your hands. I do mean each word I say to you. Sometimes, what we love brings us pain. ♦ In your arms is the only place I want to be. I humbly seek for your lasting forgiveness. Thanks. I’ll wait till the morning comes. Do accept my apologies. Jan 25, 2020 - Explore EVERYTHING you need's board "Sorry letter to boyfriend" on Pinterest. So, tell me, who will pacify your feelings when I’m the reason behind the hurt? To you, my love, I am deeply sorry and repentant. I love you. I know that you are angry for the way that I behaved, but can you please forgive me? 58. I am a prisoner of your love and I am a prisoner of this guilt I bear. Have mercy upon my breaking heart, because it is to my own disservice that I have wronged and offended you. 55. I long to feel your body against mine, you kissing me. I ask that we exchange one for the other. Draw me near and do not let me love you from afar. If you are missing your boyfriend then let him know. But, by texting sorry message to him you can expose what you really want to say, the real feelings of your heart. Pls, forgive me, my darling. Let me show you how sorry I am. I hope you realize that we are both hurting and need to be saved by one another. Let’s start our next chapter with an apology from me. I want to get out of this prison of guilt, however, not the one of your heart. I need your forgiveness for divine peace and serenity. Help me correct my wrongs, let me mend your broken heart. It’s the smile I get to see on your face when you come home to me. Our love story is not over yet. What would you have me do, so you’d forgive me? You’re my superman, please, forgive me cause I know you’re able. Forgive me if I haven’t told you lately how much I love you. I hope I make it into your world once again. 22. So, saying sorry is a must when you have hurt your friend with your action or words. I hope you bring back the hopes of the rainbows. I dream of seeing you happy again. 73. But, I hope my repentance gets me into your heart again. I love you, dear king of my heart.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'sweetlovemessages_com-portrait-1','ezslot_34',132,'0','0'])); 97. I’m sorry and I hope you know this, my love. I’m sorry, my love.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'sweetlovemessages_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_30',123,'0','0'])); 49. Always remember that I love you. No matter what it costs, I’ll pay the price of the wrong I have committed. Please, accept my repentance as true. Do not let me go, my darling. Do not overlook my sufferings, kindly take me back in forgiveness. You alone can make things go back to normalcy. Would you be kind enough to bestow upon my grieving soul the luxury of forgiveness? Remember, an honest apology heals the heart. I hope the memories never return. Please, forgive me though I do not deserve it. Now, I feel weak standing alone. I love you. You deserve better than to be hurt by the one you love. Here in my heart, you’ll always be, whether you’re angry at me or not. Forgive and forget, my love so we can have the courage to move on to a blissful future. I’m sorry, love of my life. From the bottom of my heart, I’m truly sorry. Required fields are marked *. Come, take me back. Regret is the greatest sorrow, so, my heart is in pain. My emotions betrayed me. So, give me a second chance, forgive me, my love. Again, I desire to love you forever. I’m so sorry. The moon is gone with your tears. Please, find the most lovely place in your heart to forgive me. Please forgive me. I may have been foolish but your forgiveness makes me wiser. Vengeance belongs to the Lord but my forgiveness comes from you. 18. I’m committed to a better tomorrow for the both of us. Make me whole again, honey. 26. I beg you to forgive me, I love you. You messed up, didn’t you? The offence between us may be esoteric but the anger is felt by all. So, this I know, whatever mistake was made by me, I would not commit twice. But for my redemption, pls, take me back. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'sweetlovemessages_com-box-4','ezslot_15',112,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'sweetlovemessages_com-box-4','ezslot_16',112,'0','1']));4. My heart is in need of you, my Romeo. You’re still the boyfriend I would do anything for. When I fall, it is in your hands I hope to fall into, if I rise, I hope it is your hand drawing me up unto you. Please take away my pain by accepting my apology. I’m sorry sweetheart, can I get your eternal forgiveness. I could have done far better but forgiveness is there to teach me to do better. Cute paragraphs for him after an argument Here are messages for your boyfriend after a fight. I love you, sweetheart. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'sweetlovemessages_com-banner-1','ezslot_6',113,'0','0']));7. Dear sweetheart, I made a mistake, one which has set me on the right part. Also assure him that you wont repeat it again in future. All that I can say is sorry for the wrong I did. I hope you give me the chance to make things right. Because I have wronged you, I humbly ask for your forgiveness. I’ve been weak more than a hungry soul. 41. Even the least cheesy and unromantic guy would appreciate receiving sweet and romantic I Love You messages from the girl they love.. It’s always a nice thing to know that somebody loves you and to know the reasons why they do.. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-leader-3','ezslot_25',119,'0','0']));30. Who can save me from this guilt? I can’t weather this storm without you. Kisses may be found anywhere, but the one on your lips I hope to find alone and again. Do not let these tears, tear us apart, do not let broken promises lead to our break up. Do not destroy all that I am to you. I hope you find me worthy of your love. I’m standing outside, waiting and hoping! 71. I’m sorry, I did this to us. I love you, my angel of love. However, I write to seek your forgiveness and earn the trust that I may have broken. I’m sorry, dear.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'sweetlovemessages_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_27',120,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'sweetlovemessages_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_28',120,'0','1'])); 35. 79. So, in that regard, I ask that we add to our love, the ingredients of forgiveness and grace. I’m sorry, my love. I know I messed up big time, but I love you more than anything in the world and I can’t imagine my life without you. 70. The sun is red without you. It isn’t just a wish but a great desire I am willing to see come true. Ease my pain, and swiftly forgive me, my darling. Make it up to him with these I am sorry messages. Look into his eyes when you say sorry before you bring on the mushy banter. I’m sorry, my love. I want to become an angel to you once again. An apology letter for bothering is a letter that one writes to apologize for intruding into another’s privacy. 42. I hope our love wins! For every moment that I am denied of your voice, I die inside. You can read the sampler letter below of a condolence letter for a friend or family member who has just lost a boyfriend. 82. It’s amazing how you inseparable we used to be. I really do think you’re perfect in every way. This girl knows better now. I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry! You’re all I ever needed. You’re angry with me, and for that I am sad. It’s hard to look you in the eyes cause all I see is the pain I caused you. But you know what? Kindly, take away my burden of guilt and undo the bands of sorrow off my waist. Do not doubt it, however, I’ll prove it to you. 29. I’m Sorry Messages For Him. I’m sorry, my darling. Because my world revolves around you still. You’re my guide and my anchor. You’re the only human I know with superhuman powers. Nights have become so lonely. I’m sorry, my honey. I hope you consider this heart of mine once again cause it hurts to live without you. You and I had such good times and I really felt like myself around you, even though I wasn't fully understanding myself. Let your forgiveness pave a way of salvation for me. I do not want to act like anything is wrong, when in fact we’re been torn apart. Let go of the past, my darling, but do not let go of me. My repentance, I hope can draw you near me once again. Your anger may be stemmed towards me but do not let it last forever. 112. I love you!eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'sweetlovemessages_com-netboard-1','ezslot_32',127,'0','0'])); 74. I want to lay the bed we’ll both lie on, I want to build a home we’ll both share in, my dreams are still the same but I hope you give me your heart to make them come true. Let your beloved man realize how much you love him and he is sure to forgive you. Peace is far from me. A life worth living is one in love with you. Please, forgive me for being stupid enough to offend you. Here are some sorry messages that you can use to melt his cold heart and make him love you again. I’m sorry if I failed to make you feel that way. My world seems so endangered when you’re far away from me. I’m so sorry! I’m sorry for so many things but most of all, I’m sorry for hurting you. 38. I love you. Let’s move from grass to the grace that comes with love, which is forgiveness. I’m sorry for … I am sure that this is the right love at the right time, and it’s worth fighting for. I hope that you do because more than ever I’m more committed to loving you till the end of time. Kindly, don’t let anger break us into pieces. Kindly accept my sincere apology and let us move on to the next phase of our lives in love and togetherness. Sorry, I lied. It is always good to recognize your mistakes and apologize to the one you hurt. I love you sincerely, dear king of my heart. Please, forgive me. I can’t ask my friends to beg you because in you alone I found a lifetime friend. So, please, burn this bridge between us. So that the pain of yesterday will be gone faster with the speed of light. We all know how even one word can change the relationship from a happy one to upsetting. Kindly, forgive me for it all. Please, forgive me. You’re the bridge over many glasses of water, so don’t cut me off, my darling. This, I hope enlightens you on how I feel. Do not let this pain pull up apart but draw us closer till the end of time. For only that can set us free at a time like this. Only if I could, I’ll wash my sins away. I hope you will forgive me with your loving heart soon. I’m deeply sorry. I can’t wait to have you to myself but this time, more lovingly and with a deep sense of appreciation. My heart has wandered away with guilt and regret. Forgiveness is calling on you to be compassionate towards me. Do not let the sun go down without your forgiveness. How can I live without you? I love you, my sweetheart. Bring joy into my world again. Baby, I’m sorry for hurting you! I fail to imagine you as a victim of my shortcomings. I’m sorry, for this isn’t my plan for us. I believe you can forgive me sincerely. Still hoping to kiss you again. And my head is buried in shame knowing that I hurt the one I love and who loves me unconditionally. 91. I’m so sorry, my baby. Even in my broken heart, you have a refuge. #1: My love, why would I ever think of hurting you when I know I would be hurting myself by doing that, I hope this little text can show how deeply sorry I … I need you more, my love. Give me a second chance, my darling. Please, let love be graceful enough to bring us back together, stronger and better. Please, extend your forgiveness to me. Take me back into your world, forgive me my wrong. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'sweetlovemessages_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_22',118,'0','0']));23. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 65. I’m sorry, my love. Dear boyfriend, I am very sorry to have hurt you and seek forgiveness for the same. It wasn’t me, it was my foolishness. Please, forgive me, my love. Have mercy on me, I’m truly sorry. Please accept my apology and start loving me again. You can re-iterate your apology by sending some apologetic I am sorry messages to boyfriend: 16 I apologize for everything. I’ve never wished to be in your arms like I have in these days. I miss you, my darling. In the darkness, I have prayed, in silence, I have hoped. Do not let this be the end of us. I am sorry for everything because you are so special and deserve to be loved till the end of time. They just can’t give the best word to describe your love for me. I have this faith in what we share, that the best is ahead if only we’re patient to not let anger and hurt destroy this. Therefore, set me free from these bars of sorrow. Do you need some Sweet Messages for your boyfriend? What’s done is done. No words can right my wrong. I’m sorry for not showing you that I was wrong but I hope it’s not too late, my love. We can’t afford to look back now. I have cried till I had no more tears to shed. How am I do not live in misery without your inspiration? Please forgive me if I hurt you. 16. I love you, my darling. We have a long way for us to go, so do not make this the end of the road for us. There is a place I am at, feeling the burns of regrets, with smokes arising from sorrow. So please, forgive me. Please, forgive me, my love. I’m here for you and will always be here for you even if you push me away. Cute Sorry Messages to Your Boyfriend. How about you forgive me, my love? I am truly sorry because I know just how much I erred and how much I hurt you. Pls, forgive me, angel. If I treated you badly in any way, know that I am sorry and I want to make amends. The only way forward is by your true forgiveness. Please don’t let this little spat ruin the beautiful relationship we have. How to Say Sorry to Boyfriend in a Romantic Way. Well, it is a natural thing to mess up; we all do it from time to time. Let me know if you need a designated driver. My heart is torn apart in guilt and sorrow. I am so sorry and I mean every bit of it, my love. You don’t have to tell him you are coming with a colleague, and don’t use , don’t tell him see you tomorrow, you are not friends. Days are nights without you. If you want to be really romantic, you could write some of these down in a love letter and send it … 24. You were the one who has always been there for me. So first, let me say I am sorry for hurting you, the love of my life, and then let me prove it to you. You’re the reason I want to behold the moonlight instead of the sunlight. I will shield you from hurt if only you would forgive me. I am sincerely sorry. 111. How much more do I have to hope, praying you, hear me? Once in a while, the word “sorry” can be inevitable as offences and grievances are between people who dwell together. 44. I’m sorry for it all. We’ve always been indispensable of each other. If I’m sick, I’m sick of regret but my love, do not just stare at me and watch me disappear into thin air. These cute paragraphs for him after a fight is to calm your boyfriend or husband down and make him understand that you do love him despite the fight or argument. Oh, my love! I’m here loving you much more than I ever did, cause this has made me see the kind of guy that you are. I want to take this time to send you my warm apologies. I’m sorry, let’s start again! I have fallen, who can bring me up? I dream of being the reason behind your gorgeous smile and kind heart. Let me meet your every need. Funny enough, they sometimes backfire. Let’s stay forever young by being more forgiving. What are they without my repentance?

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